MINDSET provides financial assistance to support mental health related projects in Singapore. MINDSET also works closely with voluntary welfare organisations in activities that solicit community support for mental health related causes. The Fund Raising team aims to raise funds through community and corporate engagement and partnership.

The MINDSET Challenge

The MINDSET Challenge is a fund raising event organised by the Jardine Ambassadors to raise awareness on mental health illness and funds to support mental health-related voluntary welfare organisations. The Jardine Ambassadors organise the event at the Marina Bay Financial Centre, Tower 1 where all the participants including the invited guests, staff and senior management are encouraged to walk up the 33-level high building. In 2012, the team organised the inaugural awareness-raising event to promote mental health among the Jardine Matheson Group companies.

2016 to 2019
Project: MINDSET Learning Hub
Organisation: Singapore Association for Mental Health
Amount Raised: S$370,000, S$394,000, S$397,000, S$365,000

fundraising-2 fundraising-2

Project: Creative Mindset
Organisation: Singapore Association for Mental Health
Amount Raised: S$330,000


Project: Employment Training Centre Programme
Organisation: Singapore Anglican Community Services
Amount Raised: S$332,870

fundraising-2 fundraising-2

Project: MINDSET Rehabiltation Gym
Organisation: Institute of Mental Health
Amount Raised: S$266,705

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The Inaugural MINDSET Challenge

2012minster fund-raising-2