Fun Days are outings and activities organised by the Jardine Ambassadors for clients of mental health organisations. Aside from giving the clients’ caregivers a break, Fun Days also aim to enhance the emotional well-being of the clients by giving them the opportunity to interact with the public and for the Jardine Ambassadors to gain a better understanding of the different challenges and needs of the clients.


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    Indoor Golf at Lilliputt

    A total of 43 clients and representatives from Singapore Association for Mental Health (“SAMH”), as well as 27 Jardine Ambassadors and volunteers from MINDSET and 7-Eleven had a day of fun at Lilliputt, an indoor mini golf course. They enjoyed the 18-hole golfing and a catered lunch. The best individual golfer and the best team golfers for the day won trophies, medals and hampers. Most clients appreciated this new experience at indoor golf.

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    Terrarium Making

    51 clients and representatives of Clarity Singapore Limited and 24 Jardine Ambassadors spent a day creating terrariums. The workshop instructor provided a step-by-step guide on how to personalize terrariums and also gave tips on maintaining them. The participants feedback that the event was well-organised and the clients enjoyed the hands-on activity. It also created good memories for clients and their family members.

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    Hokkaido Cake Making

    17 clients and representatives from Singapore Anglican Community Services, together with 13 Jardine Ambassadors and representatives from MINDSET, picked up skills on Hokkaido cake making at the ITSI Baking Studio. From sieving flour, mixing batter to decorating, the attendees learnt to be precise with their cake making techniques to bake delicious cakes. It was a delight when all the cakes made that day were perfect and appetising.

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    Tote Bag Painting

    38 clients and representatives from SAMH and 10 Jardine Ambassadors gathered for a tote bag painting workshop. This workshop allowed participants to be creative by doing water colour paintings on their tote bags. The activity revealed hidden talents who produced beautiful drawings. The participants ended the session happy with their personalised bags.